About Adams Garden

Based on the Central Coast and also servicing Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Regions, Adams Garden have extensive experience in all forms of landscape design and construction.

Yet it’s our expertise with drought resistant native garden designs, the NSW coastal plants, permaculture and organic edible gardens that is the source of growing excitement and adds value to our client’s projects.

Adams Gardens story

The old saying about how you are what you eat always is so true! Many people today are over processed, artificially preserved and flavoured. They waste energy and are focused on appearance not substance, our young forced to maturity too early…

Mainstream society is now starting to understand the impact we have on our planet; climate change is leading us to make conscious choices about how we live and interact with the world around us, to conserve energy, to conserve water and to think more about the food we feed our families.

Lifestyle magazines are now full of recycling tips, rainwater tanks, home insulation rebates. Growers markets, ‘locavore’ gourmet groups, slow food restaurants are springing up everywhere.

We see this greening of our lifestyle is an opportunity to reconnect with who we really are.

Why we care

For Adam, gardening has always been a passion:

I love to get my hands into the dirt and observe how things grow and thrive. The reward is seeing our place in the larger ecosystem and feeling the simple pleasure of connection to the earth. I realised I didn’t need to go anywhere to feel this connection, for me a garden is a place where you can commune with nature in your own backyard.

Adam’s Garden is committed to helping our clients, individuals and communities, to make that connection with the earth and help them to bring about a positive, rewarding and healthy future.

Who we are

The driving forces behind Adam’s Garden are Adam McCall and David Braunstein.