What to expect

Adams Garden can design, estimate and construct your entire landscaping project. We design and co-ordinate all the hard landscaping and construction, organics, sourcing the plants, planting, irrigation, water storage and outdoor lighting.

If required we can also arrange specialist subcontractors (i.e. Carpentry, Electrical and plumbing contractors), but we coordinate and supervise every phase of the project for your peace of mind.

Your landscape project

To find out more about what to expect when working with Adam’s Garden, please open the individual sections below:

The first step in the process is the initial consultation, generally with our Director Adam McCall:

  • He will listen to your wishes and needs for the project. We want to share your vision and hear your ideas.
  • He will help you determine your budget and scope of the project.
  • He will review options, such as various materials and point out potential problem areas.
  • You will have an opportunity to review our portfolio of projects, which may give you ideas or help you to choose from alternatives.
  • He will take measurements and plot the locations of built structures, existing trees and unique features of your property.

  • We will prepare a proposal showing design options together with an estimated cost.
  • We can discuss the proposal with you by phone to review the design and make adjustments.
  • Your input is critical throughout the entire design process. The more information and feedback you provide, the better we can create garden that meet your needs and dreams.

  • lf you have specific expectations about when the work should be done please advise Adam in advance, during the consultation.
  • Work on your garden needs to be scheduled along with our other jobs. This requires considerable flexibility in applying resources to specific tasks.
  • Several of our staff have special skills (such as carpentry or stone work) and may be working on several jobs concurrently. This may mean that you will notice a delay in progressing works on your project. Please discuss any delays with site project manager who will explain our schedule.
  • Bad weather can impact our scheduling dramatically.

Adam McCall is the project manager for all our works; he may appoint one of our staff as a site supervisor to oversee the project and liaise with you on the day to day progress.

Our team are skilled at what they do. lf their behaviour in any way offends you or members of your family, or if they are doing something incorrectly, not working safely or not engaged in activity covered in the proposed works please advise the site project manager immediately.

Remember landscaping can be physically demanding work (particularly in the heat) our workers need to pace themselves to put in a full day’s work. Occasionally they may need to wait for materials to be delivered or to rectify a problem before proceeding with works.

Please ensure our staff have unobstructed access to the site. Site Supervisor will ensure that work site safety is maintained.

  • The Site Supervisor may ask you to move or remove vehicles, outdoor furniture or other equipment from the work site.
  • At the completion of work each day plant, tools and materials may be left on the site.
  • The site will be kept neat and as safe as possible, but we ask that you refrain from entering the work site during work and before completion.
  • If you wish to inspect progress, please ensure the project manager is advised as he will let you know of any safety risks or hazards.
  • lf your access to necessary areas is affected please advise the project manager.

Adams Garden is committed to giving you the result you are satisfied with. When clients require additional elements to ‘finish’ a project not covered by the original quote this will affect the cost.

Your new garden can also often require additional care and maintenance to see it established especially during spells of dry weather and particularly for turf and some exotic plants.

At the completion of your project we will discuss the care of your garden and offer you the option of a maintenance contract.

Our proposals provide an estimate of material and labour costs (including management fees which cover our business costs such as insurances etc) but do not include GST.

One of the benefits of engaging Adams Garden for your project is that we are very responsive to our client’s requirements; which can change as the project progresses. Adam McCall will advise you when variances incur substantial extra costs.

If you require a fixed quote in writing please advise Adam during the consultation. We will provide a quote with allowance for contingency relative to the scope and circumstances of your project to ensure your satisfaction with the final cost of the project.

For all jobs under $3000 we invoice at the satisfactory completion of works with a detailed reconciliation of materials and labour.

Projects with a total value over $3000 may be invoiced on a progressive basis with a complete reconciliation of cost at the completion of the project.

For jobs over $10,000 total value Adams Garden will require a commencement payment see attached to your proposal for details of our terms of trade.

Labour will be charged out at our current standard hourly rates: (as at March 2015):

Consultation: $50-$150 p/hour
Landscape Designer: $75 p/hour
Senior Landscaper: $55 p/hour
Tradesmen $50 p/hour
Labourers: $35-$40 p/hour

All jobs incur an additional management fee of 15%. Labour and Materials will be charged out at cost price plus a 15% margin. This covers our staff wages and associated employment costs (i.e. insurances etc); individuals are charged out for the nature of the work they undertake, not their ’titles’, (i.e. the director gets charged out as a tradesmen if that’s what he’s doing).

We generally do a final walk-through with our clients to be sure that they are completely satisfied with the results. At this time we will explain any special care or maintenance required by plants or features.

You can be assured that:

  • All work and materials will comply with all municipal council, state and federal regulations.
  • No substitutions will be made without your prior approval.
  • All underground utilities will be located and protected from damage