Edible gardens

Whether it’s a few pots of herbs and tomatoes on the balcony or you are pursuing your dream backyard garden to sustain the household, Adams Garden are the people to talk to. You can go DIY, under our advice, or have us create the garden for you.

Growing your own food is sure to make a huge difference in your life and is proven to be particularly important for children. You’ll also access a new level of quality, freshness and nutrition on a daily basis, plus you’re placing less strain on our planet and wasting less. Adam’s Garden provides consultation (affordable advice) and education (see workshops).

Many locals call on us for installation and/or ongoing maintenance of their organic herb gardens, kitchen veggie gardens, fruit & nut orchards and edible berries. Talk to Adam’s team to ensure you …

  • provide the correct location and conditions for sun, soil, nutrients and water supply… so the essentials are all working for you.
  • choose the right plants – we know which seasonal varieties to use. We apply local knowledge to source local cultivars that thrive in local conditions in your garden.
  • get the most out of your garden – we’ll show you how to best care for your garden, so you can enjoy time spent in it and the bounty it brings.