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We’ve established a seed exchange at the Garden 2 Plate Cafe, Hardy’s Bay. For many, many years good gardeners everywhere saved, shared and exchanged seed. This practice has declined in recent years and at Adams Garden we agree with the many voices calling for concerned people to reverse the trend.

Here’s the ABC Gardening Show Host Costa interviewing the fabulous Dr Vandana Shiva on the subject. Watch this video …

Saving Seeds and sharing them has now become almost an act of defiance; a declaration of political optimism. This is because the industrialised food system is rapidly reducing the varieties of fruits and vegetables available to us as there are significant differences in the qualities they look for in the plants they grow.

Home gardeners are interested in:

  • plants that are easy to care for, and grow well in local conditions
  •  taste great.

Commercial breeders focus on a very different set of traits:

  • shipping quality (for example harder fruits and vegetables or having a more uniform size or shape), and;
  • the ability to be stored for long periods (lowering nutrition and taste for the convenience of commerce).

For most gardeners saving seed is a simple practical issue, when you find something that grows well and is suited to your unique microclimate and conditions, it gives great pleasure share with like-minded enthusiasts. Saving your seeds is deeply satisfying. Watching your them grow and mature, harvest the procduce and then flower and go to seed lets you connect deeply with natural organic processes. Knowing how to produce the seeds that you can use to plant your garden each year brings you a sense of self-reliance and empowerment.

We’ve written a blog that will give you some basic tips on how to go about saving your seeds here.

For more details you can detail you can read the Suzanne Ashworth’s : Seed to Seed.It’s considered the seed saver’s standard reference that gives information on saving all the common vegetable seeds.  There is a free guide here. Click to download

How the Seed Exchange Works.

If you have seeds to share take them to the Garden 2 Plate Cafe on Araluen Drive in Hardy’s Bay. There’s a Seed Exchange box there with all you’ll need.

If you could bring them in a brown paper bag with as much information about the parent plant as you know written on it.  Make your ‘deposit’ in the seed exchange box. While you’re there check out whatever your fellow gardens have left and if there’s something you’d like to try you’re welcome to make a ‘withdrawal’ i.e. take some seeds. There’s some envelopes and pens there to make note of what you’ve got so you know what you’re germinating and planting.

Seed Exchange Tips

1. Please ensure your seeds are of organic plants and not F1 hybrids. (F1 Hybrids are the most commonly grown commercial plants, the significant factor about them is that they don’t breed true, that is the seeds will not produce the same plant as the parent.)

2. If you could please post to our Facebook page when you make a deposit; this will advise keen seed exchangers of new offerings. ( The Facebook icon on the top right hand side of this page will take you there.)

3. If you grow something from the seed exchange ; we’d love to hear about your results particularly about the flavour and taste of the produce; so please post results (even photos) to Facebook as well.

 Seed exchange location

Map of the business location

58 Araluen Drive Hardys Bay NSW 2257
(02) 4360 2364