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Edible Gardens

Here at Adam's Garden, we are all about pairing great outdoor areas with practical edible gardens. Many of our clients opt for a small raised edible garden bed to grow seasonal fruit, veggies and herbs. However, we have gone as far as creating entire orchards and full-time functioning farms. An edible garden can provide you with a variety of food all year round, as well as the joy and sense of fulfilment that comes from growing your own food. We can assist in everything from the creation of the edible garden, through to what to grow and when, how to care for different varieties and what would work best for your location.

A Rustic Feel

We like our edible gardens to take on a slightly rustic look to mimic a farm-like vibe. We find the best way to achieve this is through railway sleepers. They are super sturdy, wide and solid. We use the sleepers in many different ways; most commonly laid flat and raised to seating height. This allows for easy harvesting that doesn't strain the back. We also take on other methods such as the vertical, mixed height construction seen in this photo, allowing us to create curves in the beds to compensate for the existing slab. 

Always Organic

The nutrients to put into the soil determines what you get out of the plant. At Adam's Garden, we take our organic permaculture principles extremely seriously when creating a veggie garden and believe that a rich and well balanced soil will provide your veggies, and ultimately YOU with the proper nutrients to grow. 

Organic produce is at forefront of Australian farming and a steady rise in the awareness of pesticide and chemical treatment to fruits and vegetables means that we will see a clear rise in the necessity of growing your own produce in the coming years. Why not start now!

Layering the Soil

Our trick to a successful edible garden is to layer the soil with nutrient rich manures, seaweeds, mushroom compost and organic matter. Between these layers we add loosen, allowing breathing room between the layers. Loosen also acts as an effective drainage agent, allowing for water to pass through the layers more effectively, thus maintaining a healthier garden bed.

From Herb Gardens to Orchards

Our team has tackled everything from small kitchen herb gardens to large scale orchards spanning acres. Our most common request is the raised sleeper veggie garden, and we make these is all shapes and sizes as per your specifications.


Many clients request an edible garden as part of their greater landscape plan, as they are a great feature in a garden, they create a point of difference to rest of the garden. Along with these, we have created spaces to use alongside the edible gardens such outdoor kitchen, dining and seating areas.

The Importance of an Edible Garden

Growing your own food is sure to make a huge difference in your life and is proven to be particularly important for children. You’ll also have access a new level of quality, freshness and nutrition on a daily basis, plus you’re placing less strain on our planet and wasting less. Adam’s Garden provides consultation (affordable advice) and education that can be used for years to come and be passed down for generations.

The modern child knows very little about their food and the journey it makes to their dinner table. We believe that educating the next generation on the sustainable production of their own food is vital in early education and a great leap towards helping our planet.

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