Our Approach

At Adam's Garden, we like to pair rustic and modern designs in our landscaping. We specialise in the use of railway sleepers, sandstone, rustic stone and recycled material. Our philosophy toward landscape design is to keep it timeless; for it to only get better with age. To achieve this, we have perfected a balance between soft and hard scapes alike that accentuate the natural flow of a block of land and soften any rough edges while ultimately remaining practical and visually pleasing.

Water Conscious Design

Water isn't cheap. With you, we discuss the more financially viable ways to manage a magnificent garden without a hefty water bill.

Maintenance Expertise

A garden is only as good as the gardener. We offer consultation on the upkeep and methods to maintaining a healthy garden.


We pride ourselves on diligence through our work. We aim to build a healthy relationship with our clients as well as a healthy garden.


We have great contacts in wholesale and long-standing relationships with local suppliers, meaning we can get the job done cost effectively and easily.

Our Specialities

Although we've done almost every aspect of landscaping under the sun, we can say with certainty that we excel in the creation of Edible Gardens, the production of hard-scapes such as stone walls and sleeper work, alongside the establishment and upkeep of healthy soft-scapes.

Edible Gardens

We've been helping Central Coast families feed themselves for years now, and there's still nothing quite like eating a dinner grown in your very own garden. We offer everything from the production of the edible garden beds/boxes right through to seed planting and helping you plan your harvest calendar. 



Landscape construction comes with a level of responsibility. We take the construction of our hard-scapes extremely seriously, and always take the time to determine the right course of action when planning a build. We work alongside builders, engineers and other trades to ensure that the work is never compromising.



Plants are Adam's second language, and there's not much you can 'stump' him on. Specialising in natives, he has a diverse knowledge of local Australian plants. But he doesn't stop there: if you are after something foreign, there's a good chance he knows what you're after.

Contact Us

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ABN: 49 622 571 224 

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